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Series 4 EV Home Charger

The Series 4 EV Home Charger is the perfect solution for drivers who want to charge their electric vehicles safely and from the convenience of their own home. 

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Up to 9x Faster Charging than Level 1

The Series 4 is a Level 2 home charger (240V) with flexible amperage that delivers approximately 37 miles of range per hour (varies by vehicle type). The hardware version accommodates between 16-50 amps and the NEMA plug version can be set between 16-40 amps. Both chargers are significantly faster than a Level 1 charge.

Easy to Use & Install

The Series 4 was designed to be simple to use - just plug it in and go. The charging stations also ship pre-assembled and include a wall bracket for quick and easy mounting.

Charges ALL Electric Vehicles & PHEVs

The Series 4 comes with a J1772™ plug which is compatible with all electric or plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (Tesla vehicles require an adapter).

Smart Wi-Fi Charging

With the SemaConnect app, you can conveniently pre-schedule a charging session, set power options, and lock the station to ensure safety and security.

Rebate Eligible

Many local utilities and governments are offering rebates and incentives that may cover the cost of purchase and/or installation. Check with your local utility provider, and city, county, or state governments to see what is available in your area.

Thousands of Clients Choose SemaConnect

  • High Performance

    The Series 4 is a Level 2 charging station that delivers approximately 37 miles of range per hour depending on vehicle type, up to 9x faster than standard Level 1 charging options.

  • Millions of Charges

    With over 10 years of experience and over 13,000 EV charging stations across North America, we deliver millions of charges every year to hundreds of thousands of EV drivers.

  • 3-Year Warranty

    Our industry-leading warranty is one of the best examples of the value that we place on taking care of our customers. Keeping you charging ahead is our number one priority.

  • Charge Your Car Right from Your Phone

    The SemaConnect mobile app makes it easy and convenient for you to operate your EV home charger directly from your smartphone. Designed with EV drivers in mind, our app allows you to:


    ⚡ Configure the proper amperage settings for your circuit breaker

    ⚡ Lock and unlock your charging station to ensure safety and security

    ⚡ Schedule charging sessions to take advantage of electricity when it's at the lowest rate

    ⚡ Schedule reminders and start and stop charging sessions so your car is always ready to go when you are

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose a smart charger?

A smart EV charger enables control and tracking using our mobile app and web portal. The charger can be locked and unlocked using your phone and the charger can be scheduled to charge only during a pre-defined window. Future enhancements will bring integration with smart home platforms, such as Alexa or Google Home.

Hardwire vs. NEMA Plug: Which do I choose?

The Series 4 is available in (2) installation versions to accommodate your installation site and needs. The Hardwired version requires installation by a licensed contractor/ electrician and inspected by a qualified installer prior to initial use. The NEMA version will simply plug into a NEMA 14-50 outlet. The hardwired installation allows charging rates up to 50A (12 kW). A NEMA 14-50 outlet limits charging to 40A (9.6 kW).

Can this charger be installed outdoors?

The Series 4 is designed to be installed indoor and outdoor, able to withstand environmental elements.

Is the Series 4 eligible for government incentives?

It may be possible to obtain federal or state incentives. Please check IRS and state regulations.

Will my electric or plug-in hybrid vehicle work with the Series 4?

The Series 4 uses a J1772TM plug and is compatible with all electric vehicles. Tesla vehicles require an adaptor.

Can I adjust the amperage to match my site's charging capacity?

The Series 4 features flexible amperage settings to accommodate varying circuit breakers.

Will the S4 work with 208V?


What is the charge per hour?

For most cars and using an optimal installation, the charger can add around 30-40 miles of range per hour.

Is the S4 Energy Star Certified?

Compatibility with Energy Star will be included in a firmware update in September 2022.

Why not just use the charging cable that was supplied with my car?

You may want to keep the charging cable with your vehicle for charging on-the-go, but there are many benefits to installing the SemaConnect Series 4 in your home, including:

- Conveniently pre-schedule charging sessions, set power level, and lock the station

- Display your charging status information on the easy-to-read OLED display

- More attractive, tidier solution

What information does the Series 4 display show?

When not in use, the display shows status information (e.g., in scheduled, locked or unlocked mode). During charging, it displays the charging rate and how much energy has been dispensed.

What is your return policy?

Customer satisfaction and first-class customer service is our primary goal. If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, we will honor a full refund within 30 days from the date of purchase for chargers purchased on For assistance, contact

How long has SemaConnect been in business?

SemaConnect was founded in 2008. Since, SemaConnect has installed thousands of smart charging stations throughout the U.S., Canada, and India. In 2022, SemaConnect joined the Blink Charging family.